This session is tailored to create beautiful images of your family so they can be proudly displayed on the walls of your home. Family portraits are about family and the best way to capture great images is to be in comfortable setting with an upbeat and fun photographer.

What happens first?

If you're interested in me being your photographer, the first thing that will take place is a casual phone call to get to know each other a little bit and to talk about what I offer and how we can mold that to fit your specific needs. I also offer Zoom meetings if you would like to have a “face-to-face”

Where will the session take place? 

I want to capture your session in a place that is meaningful to you and will take place at a location of your choice. The best way to figure out where you want your pictures is to ask yourself what type of person or family you are! Are you homebodies or spend a lot of time outdoors? Do you like city life? Gardens? Or rolling hills? Tell me about your family and let's find your perfect setting!

What should I wear?

The most important thing I can tell you is to wear something that you feel comfortable in! As long as you’re comfortable, you will be happy, and your images will come out even better! Also, feel free to spice it up with accessories, cool shoes, a unique headband, or that totally hot pair of sunglasses you bought last week! Ultimately, it is entirely up to you what you wear.

...But I feel so awkward....

Getting your picture taken can be awkward, It is no secret some clients can get this feeling. During your session, I will do my best to lighten the mood and help draw out your personality! If I have to embarrass myself to make you laugh, I will. Seriously! There really is no length I will not go to help you get the most natural, relaxed photos. My goal is to create a memorable day with my clients! When you look back on your session day, I want you to think, "oh my gosh that was a lot of fun!!". By the end of our session, I hope it will feel like we have been friends for years and that you look forward to your next session as much as I do!


I am fairly flexible depending on the circumstances however I often book multiple shoots in one day all over the city. If you’re unsure how much time you need even after our consultation and are OK with paying for additional time, please let me know ahead of time so I can include the possibility in my schedule. Otherwise, we will keep a close eye on the time so not to go over

Elayners Photography is an on-location portrait and lifestyle photographer in Anchorage, AK who specializes in family photography, child photography, engagement photography, personal branding photography, maternity photography, and graduation photography. Sessions more than 25 miles from Anchorage will require a travel fee, depending on distance of desired location. But no worries, I always try to find the cheapest way to come because I love the way my creativity is developed when I discoverer new places!